1220 South 19th Street Mattoon, Illinois 61938
Telephone (217) 234-3637
6:00 pm- 2nd  Wednesday
Ladies Auxiliary
6:30 pm 2nd Tuesday
Mens Auxiliary
6:00 pm  3rd Tuesday
Iraq-Afghan vets
6:00 p.m. 3rd Thursday
Monday- Thursday- 3:00 pm- 10:00 pm
Friday-3:00 pm- 12:30am
Saturday 12:00 noon- 12:30 am
SUNDAY   12:00 PM- 7:00 p.m.

Post Commander            Ed Davis
Sr, Vice Commander       Cory Bentley
Jr. Vice Commander       Tom Burcham
Quartermaster/ Adj.        John Protz
Chaplain/Historian          Roger DeLong
Judge Advocate             Dana Denny
Surgeon                        Ed Brick       
Service Officer              Jerry Stewart
Officer of the Day      Joel "Doc" Dufrain
Trustee 1yr                Ray Hoffman
Trustee 2yr                 Joel "Doc" Dufrainn
Trustee 3yr               Wiliam Thornton
Board of Directors
Scott Buesking             Terry Glaze
Don Janes                    Dennis Ernst
Joe Kirk                        Bill Jackson

P.X Manager             Cory Bentley
Bartenders      ,                        Stephanie,
Shannon, Mallory,  alyssa.  Aubrie
John's Corner  Post Quartermaster
We are doing pretty good on Dues a new year is starting lets see if we can get them paid this year. This year the
dues are 35.00 because of a dues increase by the National also dues are now due on the day you paid them last
year.       Remember to tell any annual members that they have to pay their dues by Dec. 31 to be eligible for the
death benefit.   When member's pay after Dec. 31 then they have to Start over for Death benefit's  eligibility which is
three full year's before any benefits earned can be distributed to the recipient. So lets see what we can do for this
year. THE VA VAN WILL BE GOING TO DANVILLE MON. Wed. Thur & FRI.       If you would like to purchase a Life
membership now is the time.   Our Honor team is getting a big work out with funerals and parades.  Please consider
being apart of this team in Honoring those who have departed.     
John Protz Adj./Quartermaster
From the Post Chaplain
The Post Honor Guard has conducted (9)  Military Rite for
the months of Nov. and Dec. so far.  We have been certified
by the Dept of Defense.  We are the only one in our area
with this Honor.   Be proud You are doing a good Job. As
your Chaplain I will need your help for a while I appreciate all
that you have done so far.       It is the season we all honor
our troops around the Globe.  
"Until they are Home"
Chaplain:  Roger DeLong
Jots from Janet;
Thank to all who have paid dues... it is
greatly appreciated!  A reminder that
all dues are to be paid by Dec. 31,
2016.  If dues are not paid by by this
date you will have to reapply to
become a member.  Also at National
Convention this past July, it was voted
that dues for life Members will Increase
by 15%effective January 1, 2017.

Age as of December 31
of year of application.....................FEE
Through  30............................$425.00
81 and over............................$170.00
The life members fees are based on
the applicants age as of December 31
of the year of application regardless of
the applicants birth day.
THROUGH AGE 20          $253.00
21-25                      $242.00
26-30                      $230.00
31-35                      $219.00
36-40                      $213.00
41-45                      $201.00
46-50                      $196.00
51-55                      $184.00
56-60                      $173.00
61-65                      $161.00
66-70                      $150.00
71-75                      $132.00
76-80                      $109.00
81-85                      $86.00
86-90                      $69.00
91AND OVER          $58.00
Monthly Meeting Attendance Drawing for   
January 2017
$50.00 # 65 Ralph Carter(not present)
$25.00 # 281 Kenneth McKay(not Present)
$15.00 # 169 Bob Gowin(not  Present)
Medical problems- Questions-
Appointments Cancellations.
M-F 8am-4pm_________217-258-3370
Mattoon     FAX______217-258-3379

Department of Veterans Affairs
501 LakeLand Blvd
Mattoon, IL. 61938

Team Alpha Ext. 49021
Doctor:  Dr. Shantha Monippallil, MD

Nurse: Craig K.  RN
Topics For OEF/OIF Veterans Support Group
Choose as many as you wish for the list below

1. Transitionimg into society
a. Driving                 
b. Malls                   
c. Restaurants         
d. Church                 
e. Large Crowds       
2. Job Related Issues         
a. Employer       
b. Co-Workers  

3.  Maritial/ Relationship Issues
a. Roles   
b. Sex     
4. Parenting Issues               
a. Discipline     
b. Child Care   
c. relationships
5. Finding a Job             
6. Financial Issues        
7. Educational Issues  
8. Housing I
9. Trusting Issues         
a. With Others outside your unit
b. Family                 
c. Co Workers           
10. Dietary Issues
a. proper Nutrition
b. Exercise             
c. Weight Control    
11.  Medical Issues
12. Anger Issues    
13. Suiciidal/ Homicidal Tendences
14. Substance Abuse

If you are having problems with any of these
issues you can contact the Local VA Clinic.  Or
you are welcome to attend the New
IRAQ-AFGHAN Group that is meeting on the 2nd
Thursday of the month at the Mattoon VFW Post
4325 at 6:30 p.m.             
Lindas Letters
Ladies Auxiliary President;
The Year is about over as of April 13,2015 We are responsible for Bingo.  We have elected Officers
for the New Year they They were installed May 14th.      
We are in GREAT NEED  of volunteers for Bingo night. If you could help 1 Monday a month for just
an Hour or two, It would help out considerably.  Our meetings are on the the 2nd Tues. of the month
at 6:30 p.m..  I try to keep the meetings to 1 Hour with refreshments and penny Bingo afterwards.  
The Auxilliary needs everyone to make it a Great Auxiliary.  We still have our Bake sale on the 3rd
Monday at Bingo.  If you know of someone who would be interested in being a member of the ladies
Aux. please have them contact me.  To be a great auxiliary it takes all of us, if you have
suggestion's let me know.  Don't Forget the Auxiliary has a Cancer grant available to all members.  I
WORK FOR YOU. My number is 235-0654.  Please remember our men and women serving our  
country and Keep them in your Prayers.
.     Until next time.
Your president    Linda Keepes
From The Commander
By Commander Ed Davis
The Year is going good  we need several new members if you know of someone who is eligible try to bring them
in.  We have done several funerals so far this year and we could use more help on the Honor Guard.  We would
like to see more of you at the meetings we could use your help.  
                                                              Ed Davis Commander

VFW Auxiliary officers

President                      Linda Keepes
Sr. Vice President         Carol Protz
Jr. Vice President         Linda Thornton
Secretary                      Dee Nichols
Treasurer                     Janet Snow
Chaplain                       Gabrielle Martin
Conductress                 Madeline Masse
Guard                          Dottie Trame
Patriotic Instructor        Gabi Martin
Historian                    Carol Protz  
Trustee 1                   Judy Wallace
Trustee 2                    Linda Cox
Trustee 3                   Helen Rohr
Banner Bearer           Kay Smith

Flag bearer                 Madeline Masse
Color Bearer 1            Helen Rohr
Color Bearer 2            Sharon Robertson
Color Bearer 3           Valerie Thornton
Color Bearer 4           June Thornton
Savings for Veterans these places
listed. Are offering Discounts up to
10% for purchases.  Home Depot,  
Hardees Resturant, Lowes in
Effingham.  If you know of others let
me know and I will add to the List. John
Protz Quartermater.
The Van now goes to Danville Mon.-
Thru Fri. and to Decatur as needed.  
Jerry's Notes; Post S. O.
Effingham Clinic is getting new Building
out by the Interstate.  If you are having
problems with doctors at the Mattoon
Clinic contact your Congressman.  
Come and see me.